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Discover our 3 easy steps to build a healthier lifestyle.

  • 1. Take the Quiz

    Our Health Quiz will discover your unique health needs and goals. If you already know what your body needs, just Select Vitamins to build your own perfect mix.

  • 2. Manage Your Health

    Together, we'll design the perfect blend of vitamins and supplements that will have your body saying:

    "Thank you, I feel fabulous!"

    Simplified health. One daily dose.

  • 3. Unlock Your Potential

    With personalized supplements tailored to your unique needs, you can conquer obstacles, overcome challenges, and achieve your health goals one step at a time.

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Medical Team

Learn about HelloVita's experienced and trusted healthcare professionals.

  • Dr. Katalin Kalmar

    MD, PhD, EBSQ, General Surgery, Associate Professor, DHA-Licensed

    Surgical Gastroenterology & Digestive Health

  • Dr. Juliot Vinolia

    MSc, MPhil, BSc, Clinical Nutrition, DHA-Licensed

    Advanced Medical Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics

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HelloVita's Medical Advisory Board is comprised of experienced Dubai & UK licensed health professionals.

Our experts are deeply involved in the careful selection of our vitamins and supplements, updating our nutritional recommendations according to the latest scientific research.

Our Membership

Welcome to HelloVita's exclusive club, where health, savings, and community collide!

As a member, you're not just getting vitamins โ€“ you're investing in a lifestyle upgrade. By cutting out the middleman and going straight to you, we're able to offer unbeatable prices on our premium products.

Your first month starts at 5 AED / day!

But that's just the beginning... coming soon is a rollercoaster of perks, from special discounts to exciting lifestyle rewards, all designed to supercharge your journey to wellness.

HelloVita Health Plans:

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BasicVita (299 AED/month)

Your entry-level passport to wellness, offering 4 vitamins per day at an unbeatable price.

BoostVita (349 AED/month)

Elevate your health game with 5 vitamins per day, packed with extra benefits to keep you feeling your best.

SuperVita (399 AED/month)

Level up to maximum wellness with 6 vitamins per day, delivering a powerhouse of nutrients for peak performance.

25% off your first month: FRIENDS25 ๐Ÿงก

Meet Your Daily Health Allies

18 vitamins, 8,568+ combinations.

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